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Malaysia Carnival

Founded and organized by MMK, Miss Malaysia Kebaya in 2019. MMK brainstormed an innovative idea and concept highlighting on Unity through Diversity and Culture.

Malaysians with various races, cultural background and religious beliefs will all present together in a show of unity. Cultural unity in diversity is effective in solving various social problems, as diverse people tend to know each other well, thus this increases mutual respect among the people.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia Carnival will be bringing the carnival vendors online and directly to you, driving the nation to support local businesses which have been tough for businesses, especially local brands and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Online shopping and delivery services have become highly recommended options, these days, changing consumer habits and the extra screen time, Malaysians have discovered more local businesses with quality products to shop from.

Physical activities will be converted to virtual as well. Activities and programmes for this virtual Malaysia Carnival include but are not limited to online shopping, hourly great deals, giveaways, games, online performance, online workshops and more. Entertainers are also welcome to perform online; targeting the theme of culture, high fashion and talent shows. There will also be activities for kids, family, community and businesses, as this carnival is tailored for all.

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